Moody-Dark Lightroom photo editing

We all have seen the popular Instagram Dark-Moody look of the Photos, so I decided to create a quick tutorial on how to recreate that look in Lightroom. Step 1 is to start with the Basic Panel set the White Balance, Exposure and the rest of the basic settings. Here are my settings but it… Read More

Text Frame Auto Sizing

I know all of us have been in a situation where we type or paste text while designing something in  InDesign and if the text is a bit bigger than we get the plus sign in the corner which means we have text that is not shown and it’s covered with the frame box so,… Read More

Enjoy the process of photography

Yesterday I went to Richmond park, to take a walk and Yes, to take some pictures too. For quite some time I am thinking to go there and take photos of the deers that are in the park of course if you are a photographer in London you Must have photos of the deers in… Read More

How to draw Stars and Polygons in InDesign

You can easily create stars in InDesign using the polygon tool, There is no shortcut key for the Polygon Tool, so you’ll need to choose the tool from the Toolbar, where it is nested beneath the Rectangle Tool, you can click the Right-Click or Click and Hold and the options will show.  To choose the… Read More

Quick Tips

I always wanted a place with Quick Tips that are showing certain action, not to watch or read long tutorial just to refresh my memory for some action. The idea was with me for some time, I got the same idea to create small tips for editing videos or photos using the adobe software.I am… Read More

5 Highly Effective Tips to increase your Instagram following

Instagram provides a great opportunity for small and new businesses to build their brand awareness. The number of Instagram users is continuously increasing. Using Instagram small businesses can easily reach out to their target customers. Instagram is extensively used by business for sharing visuals of their products & services. The engagement rates from the Instagram… Read More

Benefits of video Ads in marketing your business

In the current world, where media is the most vital factor affecting the society so it is important to recognize its value and implement it in other places as well. For a business to run effectively, great marketing plays an influential role and keeping up with the current trends video marketing is just as important…. Read More