Text Frame Auto Sizing

I know all of us have been in a situation where we type or paste text while designing something in  InDesign and if the text is a bit bigger than we get the plus sign in the corner which means we have text that is not shown and it’s covered with the frame box so, you have to go with the pointer and make the box bigger, and its just spending valuable time on not so important task. 

But there is an automated way which is going to help a lot of you to save some time, there is an option to make the text frame to auto-size as the word number gets bigger and the box gets bigger or smaller.

While the   box is selectec go to Options -> Text Frame Options… -> Auto-Size -> Auto-Sizing dropdown menu -> Height Only or you can choose Width Only

Those options work good but if you choose “Height and Width” or “Height and Width (Keep Proportions)” does some weird stuff.  (Short Key is Cmd + B or Ctrl +B on Windows)


Bonus Tip: To automatically adopt the frame, select it then press Cmd + alt + C. (Ctlr + alt + C on Windows.)

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