Enjoy the process of photography

Yesterday I went to Richmond park, to take a walk and Yes, to take some pictures too.

For quite some time I am thinking to go there and take photos of the deers that are in the park of course if you are a photographer in London you Must have photos of the deers in Richmond Park 😊.

So I am one of them I mean the Photographers 🙂 and finally today I had the chance to meet the deers and have my camera with my I only had the Sony a6400 but still its a camera, not a phone 😊.

We were walking around the park for about 20min and not a single sign of the deers 🙁 and then I notice a person posing for a photo but the man that was holding the camera phone was doing a strange composition hm…  when I looked behind the posing man, a deer lying and waiting for me ooh 😀 it’s one of the deers in my gallery we can call it the First Deer! 

Immediately I started taking photos, from all possible positions I guess that was a sign of excitement, then I cooled down and started thinking a bit slowly,

first I know it that I want some better lighting and probably behind the deer to have some dramatical look I walked slowly on the site so the light falls behind the subject,

while walking slowly  I stumbled on a branch scared the deer and he started running.

And there is the luck, he went to his buddies he probably told them about me and my fine skills in photography 🙂 they all started posing for me Yuhuu 🙂 yea yea I started panically taking photos again so I don’t miss the shoot, my heart was beating fast my mind probably turned off ☹️  but when I moved slowly a sign came up it was sun ray then coming trough the trees golden ray lighten the posing deer  I calm down again and started thinking like a proper photographer 😀 I moved so the sun falls behind them, looked around for some trees or big branches or grass so I can create a better composition took a nice place and then started creating Masterpieces 😄.

The point is, that I know we all as a Photographers we want to take photos and not miss the moment especially if you have worked as a wedding photographer like me I guess you are rushing to take the precious moment of the groom smiling  😂,  but not all photoshoots are weddings and we have time even if we are scared that we will miss the Golden Hour.

Think on the composition, lighting think about the story your photos are going to tell and wait even if you have like 4 photos doesn’t matter if you can make one and that one its a Masterpeace you won!  

Slow down and take a deep breath!

Enjoy the process of photography.

By the way here are the photos that a took.  Also you can check my Instagram account @gocegrase where I post some videography tips that may help you.

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