A comparison between freelance video producers and Ad Agencies

Videos are considered as an efficient source of marketing your business. Every small to large business has its promotional video clips over the internet. Users can easily maintain their interest in attractive videos instead of reading lengthy blogs posts or articles. You need a highly professional and experienced individual for the production of video clips for your business. Most of the small business and new startups prefer outsourcing this task to save their time and money. There are many video production firms and freelancers are available in the market, who can offer quality video production services for your business. Here we will make a comparison between a freelancer video producer and video production agencies.

Hiring a Freelancer


  1. Easy to find Professionals

Freelancer can be found easily who can offer high-quality video production services. There are multiples freelancing platform like Freelancer, Fiverr, Up work, People Per Hour. Where you can find the right person for making video clips. You can also see their portfolio or past work. This will help you to find professional and experienced freelancers.

  • Quality Work

Freelancers can provide you with HD quality video Ads for your business. You can easily find a creative and experienced professional for the task. They can bring your ideas and concept to life. You can also ask for multiple revisions in case you’re not satisfied with the job.

  • No Additional charges for unessential services

If you hire a freelancer, you will only pay for what you get. You can hire them for specific tasks. Ad production agencies charge extra for services that you would not like to have.

  • Lower Budget & Time

You can get your videos clips in much less time and also within an affordable price range. Usually, it takes a lot of time and hard work in producing quality video graphic content. You can save your precious time and money by outsourcing the Ads production task to freelancers.  Hiring a freelancer video producer will help you to save up to 70% of video production cost.


  1. Script & Storyboarding

Most of the freelancers do not provide script and storyboard for the client to have a visual representation of their project. Only a few professional freelancers will provide you with a script and storyboarding facilities.

  • Relationship

Once a job is done, freelancers will disappear. You can find some experienced individuals but as soon as they will deliver your work, they will have gone. You need to be very careful before hiring a freelancer. Hire someone who can work with you on a permanent basis and provide continuous support

Hiring an Ad Agency

You can outsourcer your videos and ads production task to multiple Ads agencies in the market. They can guarantee you quality ads that easily grabs the viewers’ attention. Ad agencies also provide ongoing support to run your promotional and marketing campaigns.


  1. Professional Services

You can avail supreme quality and professional services from best Ad designers. They can design quality video Ads campaigns to market your products/services.

  • Advanced Hardware and Software

Ad agencies have access to advanced and high tech hardware, which freelancer may not have. High tech & advanced tools were used to optimize the graphics and quality of Ads.


  1. Expensive

Hiring an ad agency is only suitable if you run a large setup and afford huge fees for their services.

  • A mismatch between Expected & Delivered Product

In Ad agencies, many people are working on a single project. Everyone has a different understanding of buyer requirements. When putting together, it can become a totally different thing then your expectations.

  • Timeframe

If you want instant services, then hiring an Ad agency will not be a suitable option. As they already have multiple projects going on. Hence, Ad agency usually takes a long time to design ads and video clips.


If you have a small business with a limited budget and there are only a few tasks to be outsourced, then hiring a freelancer will be a better choice. As freelancer can help you get your task done in a professional manner and within a suitable price. Hiring an Ad agency will be a better idea for a large business who need continuous support and a lot of video production tasks. Ad agencies will work with you as a partner and provides quality work done by professionals.

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